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Please have your policy number ready. If you don't know where to find your policy number please look at the circled area on your invoice. 

4 Ways to Pay

Bank Transfer

Step 1: Go

ank Transfer: A new page should that explains the process and requires the user to input all data to enable DFGI to process this in the back end. Fields should include: - name, phone, email, policy #, bank (drop down), branch (drop down), transit etc. and a submit button. Once submitted, an email should be send to the user and DFGI. If possible, give confirmation number and display date time. Give user the option to print or close window.



Step 1: Click on the link to be directed to MMG website

Step 2: Log in to your MMG account

Step 3: Add Diamond Insurance to your pay bills

Step 4: Click on form to submit your insurance policy number and payment number from MMG. Submit Form


Online Banking

Step 1: Click on the link to be redirected to the online banking portal. Internet Banking

Step 2: Sign In to your online banking and add Diamond insurance as a bill payment.



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