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Health Hero Package

We at Diamond Insurance recognise that while we are all taking precautions and are trying to remain indoors, you who provide healthcare, brave the elements and risks to ensure that medical care is not compromised. As a Company we recognise this and make this gesture where you will not only enjoy our supreme service experience, but save while doing so.

Key offers of our Private Motor Comprehensive package, as hereunder:

 > Lower rates, that is lower premiums
> Your excess/deductibles literally disappears progressively year on year
> Higher third party limits than basic comprehensive cover
> Free auto glass coverage of up to $100,000
> Reimbursements for medical expenses in the case of owner-driven accidents 
> Reimbursement for alternative transportation during downtime
> Coverage includes flood, riot and strike as well as civil commotion
> No Claim Discounts of up to 70% (current industry standard - 60%)
> Free Suriname Insurance
> Includes your pickups insured in "G" that are being used for your private and family purposes.

You may contact us directly via call or WhatsApp on our 24-hour hotline (623-5038); at any of our offices.

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